A New Journey Begins

Greetings to all that have helped my wife and me to this point in our desire to plant a church to reach our community for Christ. Thank you for your continued prayers despite having no update until this point. We have been undergoing a lot of life changes from changing jobs, changing churches, getting my parents settled into our house, and taking care of many medical needs in between. Please encourage others who may not have received an email update to sign up at this website for our updates!

100 years ago, in America, there was about 1 church for every 430 people. Today there’s only 1 church for every 6,414 people. While it may seem that there is a church on every street corner in Brevard County, the real Gospel influence on the population is very grave. There are about 282,000 people living within a 10 mile radius of FBC Mel, and more than 200,000 of them are without Christ. More than 71% do not have a relationship with Jesus!

The church was only given one mission, and that was to make disciples. We worship a God who sends! He sent Abraham to an unknown land. He sent Jonah to the terrifying Assyrians in Nineveh. He even sent His only begotten Son into the world. King Jesus now sends the church to the ends of the world. We accomplish this mission by constantly planting churches, and a major sign of a healthy churches is how well it reproduces.

Another interesting statistic is that new membership in church plants are more likely to consist of new believers than new membership in established churches, which are more likely to consist of transplants from other churches. Che and I believe God has given us a specific burden and desire to reach our community by planting a new church to expand Jesus’ Kingdom. God does not call His people to generic ministry; He calls them to a specific ministry with a specific burden. We don’t know exactly how God will use us to accomplish this goal, but we rest assured that He will accomplish His will in accordance with all His promises to us (Proverbs 16:1-3, 6-9).

We are excited to see how God has been guiding every step of our way to even get to this point. We look back and are refreshed to see how He has been our Rock that we could depend on to keep moving us forward in serving Him. We are very grateful for our committed teachers from Calvary Chapel Bible College, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, our pastors and mentors from Faith Baptist Church of Palm Bay, and First Baptist Church of Melbourne.

May King Jesus be worshipped on Earth as He already is in Heaven!

6 thoughts on “A New Journey Begins”

  1. You are doing wonderful. Thank u for your mission hearted commitment. God bless you. From your friends in the philippines

  2. Very informative update, thanks. Happy to know that you & Che is pursuing your dreams, Ann and I will continue to keep you both in our prayers. Please continue to keep us inform, wishing you and family Gods richest blessing.

  3. It is wonderful to here from you and Che
    It truly lifts our hearts to here you are going forward with the plan and the path GOD has in store for you!
    Mom and I are keeping you in our prayers continuously.

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