Ongoing Sin

Throughout the ongoing teaching in the Doers Class we have seen that Christian growth starts with being in God’s Word, meditating on it throughout the day, then being compelled into His doing by the working of the Holy Spirit. We have typically looked at Christian growth as growing closer to God, but we need to also look at Christian growth as moving away from the world… or moving away from sin.

As we study Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, we need to understand sin better and how it relates to us. Enjoy this video by Paul Washer, who does an excellent job explaining how Christians are to deal with sin. Also take note that his suggested approach to a daily Bible study plan is exactly what we are doing together as a class! I don’t believe in coincidences, and I see this more as an encouraging confirmation that the Doers Class is on the track of growth away from sin and to King Jesus!

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