God’s Kingdom Continues to Advance!

After so many years of formal and personal training by the Holy Spirit (through the church, Bible college and seminary) into knowing and trusting God’s Word, becoming disciplined, and serving others with our gifts, God has granted Che and I the desires of our hearts—to plant a new church, as embassy, in an unchurched community in order to expand His kingdom through making disciples of Jesus.

I journaled this path beginning here:

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After being sent from Faith Baptist of Palm Bay to First Baptist of Melbourne, Che and I spent an additional 3 years of training for church planting while I consecutively trained for another 2 years in church leadership. After finishing, I spoke with my dear friend, Berhanu Yosef, who wisely encouraged me to be praying for God to bring a like-minded man into my life with which to do church planting with.

At this point, and for many reasons, Che and I didn’t see any way forward in church planting. We thought God may be wanting to use us in an unknown different way instead, but we still continued to pray for that unknown man Berhanu biblically described. Last summer, God brought Che and me into contact with Cody and Kristen Chester. We could see that God was already working so much through their lives and putting all the pieces together to plant a church, and they invited us to run with them. What a miracle! God always provides a way forward when we stay true to Him and His calling. He provided us a great reinforcement of this truth.

Cody and I have not looked back. We have been pressing forward so hard and so fast; while God is always faithful to equip and supply us with a totally committed team of almost 40 adults, of all ages, and almost 30 kids! He has provided support, seemingly out of the blue, from faithful believers, and materials from so many places. The giftings of our team is unmatched for everything our church needs for its body life and worship of God! He has even granted us an affordable place to assemble ourselves for worship that is available all day on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings.

We are all looking forward to getting away from our building, however, and going in and among the darkness of our geographic community to reach them with the good news of the gospel and the light of true life from our Christ-centered body. Our mission, simply stated is as follows:

Connecting people to the gospel and to one another, while connecting all the gospel to all of life.

Please pray for us as we press faithfully towards this task! Christ Community Church publicly launches this Easter Sunday, April 17th, 2022, at 10 AM. I would also like to extend a warm invite, to everyone who has been a part of our lives. Feel free to visit us sometime, if only for a Sunday, and see what a miraculous work God has brought about through your faithful prayers and influence into the lives of Che and me.

You can also see us, and our sorry collection of stock photos at christcommunitysb.com

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