I serve as associate pastor at Christ Community Church in South Brevard, FL. I also work as a cyber engineer, and my wife, Che, is a homemaker. I received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bradley University followed by a Master of Theological Studies from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary (now Rawlings School of Divinity).


Che and I are excited to be a part of a new church in Brevard County. As the manifestation of Christ’s body on earth, we recognize that without the church there is no mission, no disciple-making, no true worship of God, and no hope for this world. Yet Jesus saw fit to empower his disciples into a local church body, by the Holy Spirit, to serve as embassies for His kingdom.

Because Jesus overcame the world in His resurrection, the church will also overcome the world as well (Jn 16:33; 1 Jn 5:4). It is this foundation of gospel hope that enables the local church to disciple and edify its members, and it is this same hope that enables the local church to shine Christ out to its community.

Summary of My Labels*

  • Christian – I affirm that Jesus is my Saviour and my God and hope for His imminent return.
  • Protestant – I affirm the five “solas” of the Reformation.
    • Sola Scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)
    • Sola fide (“by faith alone”)
    • Sola gratia (“by grace alone”)
    • Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone” or “through Christ alone”)
    • Soli Deo gloria (“glory to God alone”)
  • Evangelical – I believe the gospel and am compelled to proclaim it.
  • Baptist – I affirm the Baptist distinctives of the local church.
    • The Bible as the sole authority for faith and practice
    • The autonomy of the local church
    • The priesthood of all believers
    • Individual soul liberty
    • Two ordinances of believer’s baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper as memorial
    • Regenerate and baptized church membership
    • Two offices of pastors (also called elders or bishops) and deacons
    • Separation of church and state
    • Potluck dinners

~ Aaron Copeland

* While all of these labels have lost their reputation and gospel-centered theological moorings, I apply them all in their historic sense.

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