How to Deal With Suffering

Chaos seems to be increasing across the world leading to great individual suffering. Its during our hardest times that we can receive at best, counsel consisting of quips like, “time heals all wounds” or “God has a plan for you”, or at worst we’re told to “suck it up!” shallow counsel only increases the suffering … Read more

Why We Train

Just as Jesus was glorified with the Father after His redemptive and disciple-making work on earth was finished (Jn 17:4-8), our glorification with Jesus will only happen after we have finished our work here as well. We have work to do (Mt 4:19-20; 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)! This also begs the question… “Can we truly call … Read more

A New Journey Begins

Greetings to all that have helped my wife and me to this point in our desire to plant a church to reach our community for Christ. Thank you for your continued prayers despite having no update until this point. We have been undergoing a lot of life changes from changing jobs, changing churches, getting my … Read more

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