Here is a list of all the training materials, teaching series, and other tools the Doers will be diving into during the 3-Year Bible reading plan. Please see the bottom of the page to access all of the class documents.

3-Year Bible Reading Plan

2019 September
2019 October — December
2020 January — December
2021 January — June
2021 July — December

Biblical Interpretation Study Guide *†
* Study guide is adapted from Understanding What God Said—a work in progress shown below.
† Free laminated version of study guide is available upon request.

Lecture Series & Tools

All rights to the documents below belong to Aaron S. Copeland. They are free to download and use, but I would greatly appreciate feedback if they prove to be beneficial in any way.

Biblical Studies

The Torah: IntroductionThe Torah: Genesis
The Torah: ExodusThe Torah: Leviticus
Book Released!
The Book of RuthThe Gospel of Matthew

Theological Studies


Understanding What God Said
Book in progress!

What is the Church?
Baptist Distinctives
Book in progress!
Theology Proper

What God is Like

Our Rule and Standard

Being Confident in the Faith
Who is man?
Coming Soon
Who is Jesus?
Coming Soon
A Saving God
Coming Soon
Redemption Complete
Coming Soon
Moral Theology
Christian Ethics
Coming Soon



Making Disciples: From Death to Life
Christian Growth

Making Disciples: From Infants to Adults
Coming Soon
Christian Growth

Spiritual Gifts: Edifying the Church
Coming Soon

Special Topics


Jesus as Our Redeemer

Study Tools


A Chronology: OT, NT, Church History, and World Events

The Passion Week

Class Documents